bubble top20 Ltrs Bubble Top

Our highly purified water is available as a 20 Ltr bubble top to facilitate domestic and corporate use. This can come in handy for special occasions and celebrations such as conferences, meetings, seminars and functions where the need of water is on the higher side. This transparent bubble top keeps water fresh and pure as it is filled directly from the hygienic tank. Bubble tops are handy, easy to handle and does not occupy much of space but yet provides 20 Ltrs of pure drinking water. 

2 ltrs & 1 ltrs2 Ltr Pet Bottles

Packaged in handy 2 Ltr pet bottles, these are easy options for long drives and for travel. It comes with an easy to carry handle that makes it an easy take away even while embarking on a long trek or hike. These can fit into storage spaces in scooters and can be hanged from hooks while going on a long train journey. The water is pure, and offers the right hydration you need when you plan a long trip on road under the warmth of the sun. This hygienic package is readily available in shops, inns and drive-ways where you can buy them for affordable rates. 

1 ltrs1 Ltr Pet Bottles

The 1 Ltr pet bottle carries pure and sweet mineral water that contains the appropriate amount of dissolved minerals that are required to make it a safe drink very similar to the other packaged types. These are ideal for people who are going on picnics, beaches or visits to places where pure and safe drinking water may not be available. These bottles also come with a handle which enables these to be carried around easily without much fuss. 1 Ltr bottles are cost effective while providing good drinking water on your journey. 

500 ml pet bottle500 ml Pet Bottles

Purified mineral water is available in small 500 ml bottles that make them handy to be carried around for quick drinks. These are for individuals who do not have the space to carry bigger bottles especially for short distance travels. These 500 ml bottles are made from food grade plastics which make them appropriate to store water for longer periods. These are handy and hence can find a place in handbags, business cases, school bags and office bags. These fabricated bottles keep the purity and serenity of the water intact as it is packaged in a completely hygienic atmosphere. 

300 ml Pet Bottle300 ml Pet Bottles

300 ml bottles are handy and can be offered in meetings, conferences, buffet dinners, lunch spreads, corporate get-togethers, weddings, special occasions, etc. These are very hygienic options as each individual can be offered a bottle each. These are made from high quality food grade plastics that enable them to store water for longer hours. 300 ml bottles are easy to carry and can be disposed off quickly as the water quantity is apt for a single individual. Caterers mostly prefer these bottles. 

200 ml Pet Bottle200 ml Pet Bottles

Simple and easy to use 200 ml pet bottles of pure, natural, mineral water are any day a boon for those who are looking for a quick gulp to quench their thirst. These too are similar to the 300 ml bottles and are popularly used by caterers. These are made from high grade plastics which make them safe to be used for longer hours. 200 ml bottles can be seen popularly in front of speakers who would like to take a quick drink or at conferences and meetings where large bottles cannot find a place on the table. 

club sodaClub Sodas

Soda water or club sodas are nothing but fizzy carbonated water that has dissolved pressurized carbon-di-oxide gas. This pressurized gas makes the water to bubble and create effervescence when it is opened. Club sodas are good for quenching thirst and also make great hydrating agents. This is the ideal water based substitute for those who crave carbonated, high sugared and high calorie drinks. It aids in indigestion and is commonly used as a diet conscious drink by health fanatics world over. Club sodas from Aqua Fast make an ideal drink as it is made from pure mineral water that undergoes a vigorous treatment process, thereby offering additional benefits.

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